Parent's Committee

The Discovery House Parent Committee meets each month to discuss current events at the school and look at ways we can show our support in ensuring our children get the most out of their time at The Discovery House. The committee are active in fundraising and reviewing the centres policies, we are grateful to have such enthusiastic parents who love getting involved.  

We encourage all parents to join the committee, if you are interested please speak to the centre director. 

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Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club sends out monthly catalogues for the parents to support their children's reading progression. Children who read at an early age, generally do very well academically throughout their entire school years, and into tertiary level education.

The book club returns points to the Centre for the total cost of the books purchased through the Preschool community. Scholastic Book Club also send books for the Centre to have on-show once a year for families to see the books and educational items and purchase at that time as well. At TDH we co-ordinate the Book Fair with Grandparents week, as we always have grandparents asking us what books they should purchase for their grandchildren. This is a wonderful opportunity for the grandparents to be involved in the literacy education of the next generation.

The points that we have received at TDH have been used to resource our literacy program in 3-4, and 4-5 age groups of children. We will continue to extend this program, and use the points to provide stimulating, age-appropriate books for the children to use at home readers, in our book library.

Thank you to Belinda for the amazing effort that she has put in over the past 3 years.