Our Philosophy

The values and beliefs that guide our everyday practices.

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Our Philosophy

At The Discovery House we are committed to creating an atmosphere and environment that is warm, inspiring, safe and supportive. We believe that each child’s learning is individual to their interests, cultural background and abilities. The learning environments are created to provide learning experiences that cater to individual interests and developmental needs through play-based learning and discoveries. Our play-based learning approach provides children with opportunities to be curious and authentic learners, always exploring and asking questions that develop their knowledge and abilities. We are dedicated to providing our community with a culture of learning that is responsive and inclusive of all children, families, and their individual needs.


All Educators work collaboratively to reflect upon our current practices, discuss policies and approaches within our service. Our educational program and practices are implemented using the Early Years Learning Framework and allow for each child’s ongoing contribution to their own learning and exploration. At The Discovery House we respect and acknowledge families as children's first and most influential teachers. Through collaboration and learning more about each individual child, we are able to cater to their needs, be respectful of culture and tradition and provide ongoing feedback. Individual planning cycles are used to reflect upon children’s learning and development whilst helping us create high quality early childhood education programs. These plans are flexible and ever changing to reflect the rights of every child to enjoy learning through a curriculum that is exciting, progressive, and purposeful.


At The Discovery House every child has the opportunity to experience high quality education and care in an environment that safeguards and promotes their health, safety and wellbeing. This is embedded in our everyday practice and policies and includes a strong focus on effective hygiene management, the encouragement of healthy and nutritious lunch boxes through support the learning and knowledge of our families, opportunities for rest and relation and adequate supervision in both indoor and outdoor environments. The interactions that are shared between children and educators are warm and responsive, allowing each child to feel safe, secure and included. We strive to provide a safe space, where every child can develop holistically. A strong focus is placed on nurturing the physical and emotional wellbeing of all children.

Connection to our world

A holistic approach to teaching and learning also focuses on connections to the natural world. As The Discovery House has the unique advantage of being situated in a secluded bush land area, we are able to foster children’s capacity to understand and respect the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants and animals. Our learning environment is safe and secure for our children’s learning to take place. Each learning space is designed to ensure access and participation for each child as well as creating some new challenges for the children to explore specifically with our risky play areas. We encourage flexible interactions between indoor and outdoor environments including the opportunity for alfresco dining.  Sustainable practices are embedded into our services operations and children are supported to become environmentally aware and responsible through their daily routines.


We strive to become co-learners with children, families and our wider community to ensure everyone feels they have a voice and input within our everyday practice. Educators are on a journey, increasing our knowledge and striving for continuous improvement as we learn about and respect the richness of the local knowledge shared by community members including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders. Our Reconciliation Action Plan demonstrates our commitment in creating, building, and deepening our connection to land and respecting its traditional owners. With the new knowledge that is created about the natural world that surrounds us, educators and children explore the strong relationships shared between country and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.


We believe in the importance of our team consistency as this offers security, familiarity, love and trust to all members of our centre community. We also believe that knowledge, multicultural backgrounds and experience of our educators will enrich the quality and diversity of our centre and the programs available to our children. Educators at the service will work collaboratively with families and it is through these relationships that educators will convey respect and equity to each individual person within the service.

Continuous Improvement

At The Discovery House our commitment to continuous improvement promotes and encourages the rights of every child. We believe in developing respectful relationships with children, families and educators through open and meaningful communication. We support and encourage children to interact peacefully and collaboratively with each other, challenge biases and promote social justice in every aspect of their learning and development. Educators will strive to guide their own learning through our centre code of conduct that supports best practice.


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