Our Rooms.

The Discovery House Journey starts at 2 years old in the Little Bumble Bee Room and moves through to the Lady Bugs Room over a three-year program. Through a play-based learning approach, a range of skills that are developed within our youngest classroom are continued throughout our three year program. Commencement at The Discovery House is at 2 years old in the Little Bumble Bees room. In subsequent years, The Big Bumble Bees followed by the Ladybugs completes the three year program.

To get the most out of our program and secure your enrolment for the Pre-Kindergarten School Readiness Program we recommended that your child commences at The Discovery House at 2 years old in the Little Bumble Bees room.

The centre has two physical rooms that are split into three classes. This is done is by splitting the Bumble Bees classroom at either end of the week

Child learning to count

The discovery house bumblebees

The discovery house big bumblebees

The discovery house ladybugs

The Bumble Bees Room

In the Bumblebees room we are above teacher/child ratio each day.

The children have programmed experiences in both the indoor and outdoor environments. Play- based learning opportunities are programmed into our daily routine so that the children can learn to socialise with their peers, play collaboratively and start to understand the concept of sharing, whilst also developing their problem solving skills and sense of curiosity.

The most important aspect of our centre is our strong devotion to ensuring every child fees safe, loved and secure within their learning environments. Once they are feeling secure, the children are able to engage with educators and their peers. It is at this point that your child will begin their foundations of learning and independence.

The day for our Bumblebees is a very busy one, but each child loves coming each week and you will see their independence grow as they begin to learn and become excited about their learning.

At The Discovery House all children are respected and always nurtured by an educator if they are feeling unsure of their environment.

The Educators at The Discovery House pride themselves on celebrating and acknowledging all aspects of your child’s learning and development. We are hand in hand with you, and your child as we begin the path of education and independence. Together, we know that we can support your child to become the wonderful individual that they are meant to be.

Little Bumble Bees

  • 2 – 3 Years old.
  • Monday and Tuesday only (Wednesday you require three days of enrolment).
  • Minimum of two days enrolment.

Big Bumble Bees

  • 3 – 4 Years old.
  • Wednesday Thursday and Friday.
  • Minimum of two days enrolment, we recommend three days for this age group.
  • Arrangements can be made if you require 4 or 5 days for your child at the Preschool.

Child painting picture

Boy learning to write

The Lady Bugs Room

This is a big year for your child. They are now the older children at The Discovery House Preschool. This room runs Monday - Friday. We suggest your child comes to the Preschool a minimum of 3-4 days to allow them to fully participate in our School Readiness program.

This program was created in collaboration with local primary schools to ensure it meets the needs and requirements of kindergarten, in a fun and meaningful way.

Our School Readiness program focuses on helping each child build and understand the skills required to ensure the transition to primary school is one of ease and comfort.

Play-based learning is the foundation to which the Ladybugs program is created, in partnership with children, families and the wider community.

Embedding pre- numeracy and pre-literacy concepts within our program are important Key Learning Areas that are focused on to assist in building the confidence and knowledge of the Ladybug children. Other foundation key learning areas include;

  • Developing self-help skills
  • Social Skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional Development and regulation
  • Sound literacy and numeracy understanding

We have had a lot of success at The Discovery House Preschool, sending children to kindergarten who are extremely well prepared for the education that is ahead of them. “A well-prepared child is a confident child, a confident child, is a child who excels in the school environment!”.

Lady Bugs

  • 4 – 5 years old.
  • Must be eligible to attend primary school the following year to enrol in this room.
  • Enrolment available Monday to Friday.
  • We recommend a minimum of three days for the Pre-Kindergarten School Readiness Program.
  • Some children do two years in the Lady Bugs Room if they are not ready to attend Primary School if they are still 4 years old at the beginning of the school year.