I am a little sad to be writing this testimonial as my 5th and last child is about to graduate from Discovery House and it’s like saying goodbye to family. 

There aren’t enough words to adequately describe the little community and family we have at Discovery House. It’s a nurturing environment where I am constantly amazed by how much the children learn, not only about the world they live in but the life skills they are taught which are so imperative to them coping when they get to primary school.

Mandi, Pete and the teachers, particularly Miss Kat and Jan have become my second family and the eyes and ears that every working Mum needs when their child is spending more time with them than they do at home.  

It’s important to note that Discovery House is a pre-school, not a child minding service. Yes it’s shorter hours, but it’s a much fuller day. Children attend Discovery House to learn and prepare for primary school and there is no pre-school in the Hills District that better prepares children (I have heard this from a number of Principals in the area). 

My youngest, who is now 4, constantly amazes me. Just last week he came home and counted to 20 in Italian, he is so well educated on healthy foods and the right things to eat that he puts his parents to shame! He can write his name, use scissors and very eloquently discuss a number of subjects and issues with his older siblings. His self help skills are incredible and his confidence is infectious. There are no tears at the gate and always stories to look forward to when he comes home. 

One remarkable difference between Discovery House and many other pre-schools is that our children, rarely get sick. Many parents experience endless coughs and colds with kids in child care but in the 10 years my children have attended Discovery House, they have rarely been unwell. The hygiene and cleanliness of the centre as well as sickness policies ensures everyone in the pre-school is well and ready for the day ahead. The children are loved and nurtured but also taught boundaries and as such, are raised as lovely, kind and well mannered little people.  

My only tip for an anxious parent when first leaving your child at pre-school is give them a big hug and kiss and then walk away back to the car. Let them have a little cry and trust they are in the best hands possible with the teachers at Discovery House. Eventually they’ll be running through that gate with a big smile on their face ready for a new day and loving the teachers and the centre as much as we do! 

We will always be grateful to the incredible staff at Discovery, they really are like family, as are the other parents and friends we have met there. I have nothing but praise for the centre and cannot recommend them highly enough.