Munch & Move

Munch and Move is an initiative of the NSW Health Department. The Discovery House Preschool has advanced accreditation in teaching these principles to the children enrolled at the Preschool.

With Munch and Move education, the children learn, from the age of 2-6 years, the correct way of eating and how to look after their bodies so that they remain healthy throughout their lives.

This is done through the teaching of:

  • Food that is healthy to eat all of the time
  • What are Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Grains
  • Fruit
  • What food is ‘sometimes food’, and how often we should enjoy this
  • How long a child should be in front of a screen at different ages
  • How much time a child should exercise each day
  • What is healthy exercise
  • Learning gross motor skills
  • Learning fine motor skills
  • Healthy drinking of water

Through this program your child will become responsible for looking after their health and we are hopeful will be able to make healthy choices once they leave Early Childhood education.