Our Programme

At The Discovery House we provide a strong comprehensive Preschool Programme for children to help them prepare for the transition to school.

This timetable is used as a guideline. Activities and times are flexible. In the hotter months, times are changed so that children are not outdoors during the hottest times of the day.

8:30am    Free Play Activities
9:15am    Story Time
9:25am    Morning Greeting | Morning Songs 
9:30am    Craft and Inside Play | Intentional Teaching
10:40am    Outside Play
11:00am    Morning Tea
11:20am    News | Mandarin Language lesson
11:40am    Outside Play 
12:15pm    Group Music & Movement 
12:45pm   Lunch
1:15pm    Rest Time
2:30pm    Table Top Activities
2:45pm    Story & Songs
3:10pm    Outside Play 
3:30pm    Afternoon Tea
3:45pm    Outside Activities
4:15pm    Pack Away / Inside Activities, if cold

Each child is observed and the programme planned is suited to the needs of the individual. To do this, a few children are observed in detail each day. Once all the children have been observed in this way we will begin again at the top of the list. At the same time, all other children are watched and their progress is recorded. The program is then planned to take into account the observations made.

The program scaffolds from one platform to the next taking into consideration the children's interests. The children are invited to bring items from home that correlate to the weekly programmed teaching. This can then take the group in many different directions according to the children's combined interests.