Part of the Hills community since 1976.

Get to know us – our history, our passion, our friendly faces. 

Girls building blocks in garden
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Who We Are

Mandi and Pete are the owners of this amazing little preschool in Castle Hill, nestled amongst an acre of beautiful Australian landscape in the Hills Shire of New South Wales.  Surprisingly, the Discovery House Preschool is unique – there is only one. This means limited numbers combined with quality care and education, which enables each individual to progress to primary school confident, and ready in every way to continue the education that they commenced at The Discovery House Preschool (TDH). The Centre is proudly Australian owned and operated, and sets an exceptionally high standard of care in the Hills District.

Mandi and Pete have owned and operated Early Childhood Education Centres for almost 20 years, as well, they bring their knowledge from their previous careers to the management, caring, and educational aspects of the Preschool, with Mandi having worked as a registered nurse for many years, prior to studying Early Childhood Education.

At The Discovery House, we always strive to operate over and above our requirements, ALL staff are First Aid, CPR and anaphylaxis trained, as well as completing yearly Child Protection training. We engage the industry and actively take part in regular Professional Development to ensure we are up to date and exceed best practice Early Education!


Our Philosophy

Child-Centered Learning and Play-Based Exploration

At The Discovery House, we foster a warm, inspiring, and safe environment tailored to each child's unique interests, cultural background, and abilities. Through play-based learning, children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and discover, shaping their knowledge and skills authentically.

Collaboration and Family Engagement

We value collaboration with families, considering them as children's first teachers. True collaboration shared decision-making, mutual understanding and respect for families as experts in their child’s well-being. Educators work collectively, reflecting on practice and using the Early Years Learning Framework to create progressive and purposeful early childhood programs and individual planning cycles. Through continuous communication, we value and respect ongoing feedback and input from all stakeholders within the centre.

Health, Safety, and Wellbeing

Every child at The Discovery House experiences high-quality education and care in an environment that prioritises their health and safety. We have a strong emphasis on effective hygiene practices, nutritious lunch boxes, rest and relaxation. We ensure that all children feel safe, secure, included and nurtured within all areas of their development.

Connection to Nature and Sustainable Practices

Being surrounded by natural spaces and an abundance of native flora and fauna, we are able to demonstrate and instil respectful relationships for the natural world within our program. We incorporate sustainable practices and environmental awareness within our daily routines. Encouraging exploration and promoting the understanding of the interdependence between people, plants and animals fosters this strong connection and is explored within how we use and set up the different learning spaces within the centre.

Community Engagement and Inclusive Culture

We respect and embrace all cultures and community knowledge, fostering an environment of acceptance and inclusivity. Our Reconciliation Action Plan demonstrates our commitment to continuously building respectful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We acknowledge that it takes time and patience to learn from Elders and are committed to the life-long learning journey of learning of our educators through professional development and learning relationships. 

Team Consistency and Diversity

Our dedicated team of educators offer consistency, familiarity and trust for all our families and children. The value we place on ‘family’ is an area we pride ourselves on and helps ensure high retention of educators and continuous trust and respect for our families. We celebrate the multicultural backgrounds and experiences of our educators, enriching our centre’s diversity. Collaborative efforts with families promote respect, equity, and inclusivity within our service.

Continuous Improvement and Social Justice

At The Discovery House, we prioritise continuous improvement to ensure the rights of every child are upheld at all times. Through open and honest communication between all stake holders we are able to challenge bias and promote social justice within our program. Our centres Code of Conduct is the guide followed by all educators to ensure best practice and respectful relationships are always upheld.


Our Approach

The Discovery House is a family owned and operated education-based centre that has been a trusted part of the community since 1978 and are proud to have multiple generations of families come through the centre. We have a traditional, loving, and caring approach in educating children and are proud of the reputation we have established as the leading educational Early Learning Centre in the area. 

 Professionally trained teachers and carers help our children at the Discovery House to enjoy their days, discovering, learning, playing and preparing for their transition to school.

The Discovery House is a nurturing, safe and fun environment that fosters your child’s confidence and curiosity so that they develop a love of learning in preparation for primary school. The transition from Preschool to Primary School is such a huge step in a child’s life (and for parents), our goal is to make sure all children are prepared, socially, emotionally, and academically for this transition. 

We do this by;

  • Creating an individualised learning plan for each child that is updated monthly.
  • Delivering our education program in a structured and organised way.
  • Focusing on developing self-help skills and independence to foster and nurture confidence.
  • Providing a consistent daily routine that keeps your child busy and engaged all day.
  • Creating opportunities for children to practice their social skills in a safe environment.
  • Staffing over ratio daily to support our approach of smaller group learning and allowing one-on-one attention for children who need emotional support when new and still settling in.
  • Ensuring a fully equip playgroups and classroom with engaging resources. 

Girls building blocks in garden

Boy looking at insects magnifying glass

Child learning to count