This is a big year for your child. They are now the older children at The Discovery House Preschool. This room runs Monday - Friday. We suggest your child comes to the Preschool a minimum of 3-4  days to allow them to learn all they need to make the transition to Primary School a simple and successful process. 

They have been successfully working with The Discovery House reading and numeracy program, which promotes these skills before the child leaves us for Kindergarten. For children who have been with us for the full Discovery House Program, since the age of 2 years, our aim is that your child will have developed their reading, writing and numeracy skills before commencing Kindergarten. This allows the child time to become comfortable with the larger school environment, as well as attending school five days each week.

We continue our teaching of Mandarin with our Mandarin speaking staff as well as introduce the ELLA Program which is initiated by NSW Education. The children continue to follow the NSW Health Munch and Move Program, which teaches your child the foundation of healthy eating and exercise. They develop a strong awareness of the effects of the sun through the Sun-Smart Program.

In this final year of school your child will develop:

  • The ability to sit for extended periods during class time
  • Advanced concentration skills
  • Ability to write without the need of tracing
  • Draw freehand
  • Paint life like pictures
  • Add features to faces and bodies in more detail
  • Read simple words
  • Write simple words from memory
  • Begin to read books on their own
  • Understand and speak Mandarin
  • Understand and use more complex words in English
  • Independently take care of their personal hygiene
  • Understand how to look after their bodies and the importance of this
  • Be independent in their day to day routines
  • Engage fully with their friends
  • Relate stories and use their imagination to create their own stories
  • Through role play and drama learn to express their ideas and feelings
  • Show empathy
  • Console another child where appropriate
  • Play robustly
  • Challenge themselves physically and mentally
  • Remember words to songs and dances

Your child is developing into a very independent person, socially, emotionally and psychologically. Their cognitive skills are rapidly developing as they engage fully with their education.

Most of our 4-5 year old children will be ready to attend Kindergarten the following year. However there are many children who will require another year in order to mature and be fully ready for school. Through our assessment program that is done on every child at the Preschool in February, July and November each year, our educators are able to advise you throughout the year of your child’s progress.

We have had a lot of success at The Discovery House Preschool, sending children to Kindergarten who are extremely well prepared for the education that is ahead of them. “ A well prepared child is a confident child, a confident child, is a child who excels in the school environment!”.