Our Bumblebees room is for the 2-3year old children in their first year at the Centre (attending Monday & Tuesday only). Most of the children in this room are experiencing being cared for by a non-family member for the first time in their young lives.

In the Bumblebees room we are above teacher/child ratio each day they are at the Centre. The children come in for a minimum of two days, Monday and Tuesday, with the option of picking up the Wednesday, only if they require three days. Arrangements can be made if you require 4 or 5 days for your child at the Preschool.

During their first year with us they will learn:

  • Independence
  • Pre-writing 
  • Numeracy 
  • The alphabet 
  • Shapes 
  • Colours 
  • Cutting using scissors
  • Sharing with other children
  • Socialising and making friends
  • Healthy living through Munch and Move
  • Sun-safe principles
  • Classroom rules
  • Languages English and Mandarin

The children are educated through the Early Years Learning Framework, and the Emergent curriculums. They learn through play, puppetry, organised educational activities such as; drawing, writing, cutting out using scissors, painting and collage. They sing, dance and read stories.

The children have programmed activities inside in the room as well as outside. Planned free play time is programmed into our daily routine so that the children can learn to socialise with their peers, play collaboratively and start to understand the concept of sharing.

The most important thing that we support these children with, is how to feel safe when their home carers are not with them. Once they are feeling secure, they will then start to engage with the educators and their peer group. It is at this point that your child will begin their foundations of learning and independence.

The day for our Bumblebees is a very busy one, but they love coming each week and you will see their independence grow as they begin to learn and become excited about their learning.
At The Discovery House Preschool all children are respected and always nurtured by an educator if they are feeling unsure of their environment.

The Educators at TDH pride themselves on all of the advances that each child makes. We are hand in hand with you, and your child as we begin the path of education and independence. Together, we know that we can support your child to become the wonderful individual that they are meant to be.