Big Bumblebees

As the children progress through the Centre they change and increase days according to their age. Our 3-4year old Big Bumblebee children have completed their first year at TDH Preschool. They join us Monday-Friday in the Bumblebee room, which is led by Miss Erin.

During this second year at the Centre, they will generally master:

  • Correct pencil grip 
  • Cutting out using scissors 
  • Mixing colours, and predicting the resulting colour
  • Alphabet
  • Numeracy
  • Sentence writing and structure
  • Begin addition and subtraction basic principles
  • Languages English and Mandarin

Your child will experience in more depth:

  • Their world including, the solar system and Oceans
  • The environment in which they live
  • Animals and where they live on earth
  • Types of animals and their groupings
  • Lifecycles
  • Eye/hand co-ordination
  • Gross motor activities
  • More intense fine motor activities
  • Health and how to look after their bodies through eating and exercise
  • Independence and confidence
  • Initiating play and engaging with the adults and children at the Preschool
  • Developing friendships with their peers
  • Science experiments
  • Pre-reading at home and at Preschool with the TDH reading program

During the 3-4 year age group we are starting to gently add the teaching principles of ACARA. This is the style of education that your child will experience at Primary School. 

During the Bumblebee’s second year at The Discovery House, you will notice a lot of changes in your child. Socially your child will expand their friendships with their peers, be more independent, and will develop a strong awareness of the world around them. They will be able to write, start to understand sentence structure, and become aware of addition and subtraction principles. They will play more robustly and be eager to initiate conversation with you about their world outside the home.

They are developing rapidly throughout this year ready for their final year of Early Childhood Education.